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Warscroll Cards - Slaves to Darkness (Ingles)

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Make keeping track of your Slaves to Darkness army simple Read warscrolls for 43 units Track ongoing effects with two token sheets
Solo en inglés. Command your dark legions with the deftness of Archaon himself with these warscroll cards – an incredibly useful resource for Slaves to Darkness generals. With this set, you'll get quick-reference cards for every Slaves to Darkness unit, letting you check their warscrolls at a glance. This means less time flicking through your battletome and more time crushing your enemies for the Dark Gods! A token sheet, meanwhile, makes tracking ongoing effects from spells, command abilities and certain units super simple. This set contains: - 43 unit warscroll cards, giving you the rules for every Slaves to Darkness unit and endless spell -Two sheets of double-sided card tokens, designed to mark ongoing effects, command point totals, and more
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